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Tiffany Fleetwood-Bird

Partner to an adrenaline seeking kiwi guy, mother to two boys & a cat, retired surfer turned snowboarder & paddleboarder. Long term Ashtanga & Vinyasa Krama Yoga practitioner, Yoga Jai founder.

Monday evening & Wednesday morning-

Assisted Self Practice - Vinyasa Krama & Ashtanga:

Each student is taught on an individual basis within a group context. This enables beginners & experienced students to practice in the same class. The Vinyasa Krama Sequences or Ashtanga are practiced in each class depending on the what is right for each student for that day. The class environment is both focused & supportive of new comers.

Tuesday morning-

Vinyasa - Foundations, Level 1 (led class)

A dynamic 60 min class suitable for those beginning yoga. The pace is still slow & steady with emphasis on building strength & opening the shoulders & upper thoracic. A great starting point to learn the correct foundations of  breath & correct alignment within the Vinyasa Krama system.

Thursday morning-

Vinyasa - Slow & Steady, Level 1 (led class)

A slower vinyasa class with a an emphasis on the breath, slowing down & turning inwards. Based on the Moon Sequence & sometimes incorporating parts of Lion or Lion Cub. Suitable for all, great for those new to yoga & those who like a meditative, grounding practice

​Friday morning-

Vinyasa - Dynamic, Level 2 (led class)

This class requires some yoga experience as we move through a more dynamic, heating sequence based on the Ashtanga Primary series. Prepare to sweat & encounter some interesting variations, its fun!

Class Price-

Casual - $17

5 Pass - $80  (valid 3 months)

10 Pass - $150  (valid 3 months)


0204 1044 878

Julie Stephens

Teaching yoga around the world for the past 20 years, now based in Nelson, teaching weekly yoga classes from beginners level to advanced, regular workshops and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training's - (Internationally accredited.)

Monday morning: This class is a Vinyasa Flow style that will be taught at a general level. There are always plenty of options to choose from, so you can always feel free modifying as you see fit.


Tuesday evening: Deep stretch . This is the perfect class for those of you who are feeling locked up, stiff and stressed out. 

We spend longer in each stretch with focus on the breath to keep the body and mind relaxed.

Suitable for beginners who have either done my 6 wk course or a little bit of yoga in the past. Experienced students are welcome.


Wednesday evening: Yang/Yin.  The first part of this class is more dynamic with plenty of options to choose from. The second part is Yin, which is all about slowing down and moving into some deeper stretches.

Level of class is general.

Class Price- 

Casual - $16

10 pass - $145



022 1987 348

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Thomas Spring

I am fascinated by the human potential to change. I have taught for over 30 years in various parts of the world. I am available for personal sessions: Feldenkrais – Yoga, Stress Management using Biofeedback.

Satyananda Yoga – 90 min

A typical class consists of asana, pranayama, Yoga Nidra and a short mediation. Whether you are a beginner, have dabbled in Yoga or are an experienced practitioner, this class is suitable for everybody.


Feldenkrais – Neuroplasticity in action – 60 min

If you want to prevent or recover more quickly from injury. Enhance health and performance in every aspect of your life, remain active as you get older, this class is for you.

Class Price-

Yoga:                                         Feldenkrais: 

Casual - $18                             Casual  - $15

10 pass - $150                           Seniors  - $12




021 2299 098

Jo Monaghan

500-hour certified Blissology teacher, architect and greyhound lover, Jo has been teaching for three years after discovering how amazing yoga can make you feel and wanting to share that joy.

Monday Morning Bliss - Vinyasa Flow

An hour long Blissology inspired Vinyasa Flow practice designed to set you up for the week ahead through breathwork, movement, and stillness. This yoga class is for you if you've had an active weekend or you just feel the need to stretch out your muscles and start your week in a positive way. All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

Class Price-

Casual - $15 

10 Pass - $100 (bought in advance)


021 547 245

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Sue Hallas

Long-time Iyengar yogi, and teacher for over 20 years (IYNZ JI2), with a deep desire to keep learning – about yoga, the workings of the human body, New Zealand's natural environment, te reo Māori, French and life! Reading and tramping are also favoured distractions.


Level 2–3 Iyengar yoga class:

A 1½ hr class for seasoned students who regularly practice inversions (e.g. headstand, shoulderstand, or therapeutic alternatives). 


Open Iyengar yoga class:

A 1 1/4 hr class for absolute beginners and students who are experienced. We do shoulderstand or an alternative each week.


1-day Iyengar yoga workshops:

These are scheduled for 2021, on Sundays.


Anatomy, physiology and yoga: an experiential study of the human body:

Using high-quality medical models and real materials, we study the theory, and then bring the knowledge to the yoga mat, to build a foundation on which to base a yoga, massage or other body-work teaching and practice. 36 hours. Dates for the 3-weekend course in 2021 are: 6 & 7 March, 17 & 18 April and 29 & 30 May.


Class Price-

Tuesday: $18 casual; $150 for 10-session card, $83 for 5-session card. Cards valid for 3 months. 

Thursday: $15 casual; $150 for 10-session card, no expiry date.


027 688 4775

Emma Saunders

Internationally certified Pilates instructor, with a background as a Physiotherapist. Studied Modified Pilates at the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) based in the U.K. Maintains skills with annual courses around Australasia. Passionate about helping people with their personal body awareness, ability to better perform daily activities and enhancing individuals sport performance.

‘Modified’ is a term used by the APPI Institute. Founded by Physiotherapists it specializes in applying current research relative to Pilates and the ongoing Professional Development of its Instructors.

Class Price- 

$150 for the full 10 week term  (all equipment is provided.)


021 293 2709

Kate Fulton

Finding Stillness Through Movement - I share a graceful Yoga Synergy based vinyasa flow, as well incorporating restorative yin yoga poses and meditative yoga nidra into my classes. 

Wednesday evening 90 mins

This style is suitable for all ages, levels of experience, and flexibility.

Releasing modern day stress, particularly the back and neck plus the nervous, muscular and skeletal tension.

The style is soft and fluid allowing you to adapt to suit your body’s current fitness and flexibility.


Class Prices-
$20 waged/$15 unwaged
*10 Pass and student discounts available.
**Please talk to me if finances are a barrier.


027 844 3197


Danica McMahon
I am from Vancouver, Canada. I have been teaching the the original Hot Yoga for over 20 years.
The class consists of 26 hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. Every class is practiced in a heated room using a fixed sequence. The series is designed to work your whole body 100%. All classes are 90 minutes and are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Class Price-
10 class cards $150
Casual class $20
022 420 1706


Carol Neilson

When I am not guiding healing yin yoga-based workshops or creating Calm Body Calm Mind antidotes for clients, you can find me loving family & friends, living with HimSelf, walking two white standard poodles, doing what makes me happy, over and again.


Deepening - is a two-hour yin & meditation class. This practice invites you to embody resilience, compassion & stillness in the midst of daily life; it bridges the gap between mind & body, offering silence within as a homecoming to a Calm Body Calm Mind.


Rest, Restore & Reiki - Imagine two hours of deep, supported restorative rest + reiki. The kind of relax that melts your bones & liquifies your mind into nothingness. Your body weight is supported by bolsters, blankets & blocks, your eyes cushioned with a soft eye pillow. Then we add in Reiki as a healing modality. When all layers of our body/mind edges are softened, it is then we are truly able to receive healing.


A Workshop for Anxious Times - Participants have called Calm Body • Calm Mind - A Workshop for Anxious Times - the “Handbook for Being Human” This three-hour workshop opens the possibility of understanding just what is happening when your heart races, your mind is anxious & how to self regulate your entire nervous system & switch off the flight or fright & restore balance within. 

Class Price-



mob: 0212 845 098