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Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Vinyāsa / Movement
Krama / Stages

There are 4 Foundation Vinyasa Krama Sequences and 4 Foundation Pranayama Practices developed by Matthew Sweeney. Tiffany has been certified by Matthew to teach all of these plus the 4 support sequences & 4 support Pranayama Practices.

The current 2 Led Classes in Nelson are Lion Cub & Sunshine Sequence.

Moon Sequence & Lion Sequence are currently being taught to students who are ready in the Self Practice class.

In the Monday night & Thurs morning Self Practice classes, students practice the sequence they are working on at their own pace. Tiffany assists each student by helping them remember the sequence, offering adjustments & tailor making the sequence for each individual constitution. Everyone is welcome to these classes, they are not just for the experienced. Its like having a private yoga session but in a group setting!

Chandra Krama - The Moon Sequence:


The Moon Sequence is a gentle flowing form that combines yin yoga with vinyasa. Chandra Krama helps practitioners to balance all aspects of Yoga by applying some key universal principles: here and now awareness, letting go, balancing yin and yang, meditation, and a therapeutic and individual approach. Chandra Krama is sattvic; balanced between active and passive. Do all postures at maximum 70% capacity.

A great starting point as the sequence is slow giving you time to find your alignment & breath within each posture. Particularly good if you are beginning your yoga journey or are working with any injury. The sequence leaves you centered, grounded & peaceful.

Marjara Krama - Lion Cub Sequence:


Of all the VK sequences I consider this one the most therapeutic and balancing. It will highlight your imbalances & help rectify the differences. This sequence stabilizes the hips and shoulders, strengthens the side body, and allows for great variation with asymmetrical alignment: doing repetitions on your difficult, hard, or restricted areas. This sequence uses props as a foundation, you will learn how to position block, strap and wall accurately and precisely, every time so the sequence still flows. In many ways this should be the second sequence that all students learn after learning Chandra Krama.

It is more dynamic sequence than Moon but the postures are still accessible. Then pace is steady & the postures are held long enough to for you to really figure out your alignment & individual tendencies.

Lion Cub a great compliment to the Moon Sequence & many students practice both each week.

Atapa Krama - The Sunshine Sequence:

Modeled off the Primary Series from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Atapa Krama is a dynamic, heating sequence. There is the option of changing the sequence for individual needs & using props (mostly blocks, straps, & wall) as needed. A variety in standing postures focus on the four quadrants of the hips (outer & inner, front & back), balancing between flexion & extension (forward bends & back bends) equally. Variations at the end of the sequence open the shoulders & thoracic prior to back bends. Handstands can be included in this sequence if the student is ready. 

Simha Krama - The Lion Sequence:

Lion Sequence focuses on leg strength, opening the hips prior to back bending & supporting back bends with prior thoracic opening. We do a lot of side body alignment & support in standing postures – figuring this out may take years. This is a long and satisfying sequence if done well, with focus. It is the most challenging of the 4 Foundational Sequences in the Vinyasa Krama system & therefore generally taught in self practice classes to individuals


Lynne Williams

Nelson, NZ

Tiffany is an insightful instructor,  with an awesome ability to share her yoga knowledge and experiences and relate them to her students, gently guiding and adjusting while providing sound advice. Her direction is clear and concise, encouraging and she always looks for options  that work for the person in front of her.  She can break down an Asana or part of a flow, simplifying the posture or movement to enable her students to gain greater understanding of what is required to master a technique.

As one of her students I feel a apart of a cohesive group,  she is inclusive, providing individual  one on one guidance to all  her students  


I have really enjoyed learning the Moon and Lion Sequences which have provided me an opportunity to learn new asana and to learn to practice yoga with a different energy.  Under her  guidance I have  been able to correct poor posture, to gain confidence and improve my practice.

Vicki Lewis

Nelson, NZ

As an astute and perceptive yoga instructor, Tiffany continues to guide me through the practice of Vinyasa Krama.  Her clear and concise one-on-one instruction is delivered with understanding and unconditional support, and a great deal of humour.


The advantages of Vinyasa Krama practice for me specifically are of shoulder, upper back and hip opening; and leg strengthening.  The excitement of learning new asana - and their names [expansive] -is both energising and stimulating. In combination with my ashtanga practice of 17 years, this additional training is of immense benefit and limitless enjoyment.

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