Yuan Qigong

Saturday 21 August 2021

Venue: Yoga Jai 

Time: 10.30 am - 12:30 pm (mid-day break) 

Cost: $40  

Contact: Grace Wilson,, 02102253070 

Pre-booking & payment essential.  


Come and experience Yuan Qigong practise, a series of gentle movements using body, mind, breath and vital life energy (qi). Practising Yuan Qigong enhances health, strengthens the immune system, increases fluidity of movement and improves mental clarity.  

This workshop will cover an introduction to Yuan Qigong and the learning of the first two methods. I have trained in qigong for the past 14 years and have been teaching since 2014. 


Consolidate Your Yoga Workshop with Sue Hallas

Sunday, 5 September 2021 

Venue: Yoga Jai

Time: 9.00 am - 3:30 pm (mid-day break)

Cost: $100

Contact: Sue Hallas, or 027 688 4775

Pre-booking essential


Join Sue to work with the foundation principles of Iyengar yoga in key asanas, taking your practice to a deeper level. The morning will be an exploration of standing poses, backbends and twists; the afternoon session will be dedicated to forward bends and inversions.


The workshop suits people who regularly are on the mat, practicing on their own and/or attending classes – Level 2–3. It isn't suitable for Beginners, sorry.

Spring Self Care with Vandana

Saturday 11 September 2021

Venue: Yoga Jai 

Time: 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Cost: $45  

Contact: Vandana 021 229 8793

Pre-booking & payment essential.  


Spring is the season where the digestive Agni (fire) becomes damp, the Kapha (earthy and watery aspect) in the body starts to liquefy and the build-up of this spread into the body.  As a result, it's that time of year where the body feels much heavier and more prone to colds, congestion and especially hayfever.

​Join me for this season to learn how to manage this season. We will discuss, lifestyle, diet, self -care routines together with specific breathing practices and asanas. 

Yogic Detox with Vandana

Sunday 19 September 2021

Venue: Yoga Jai 

Time: 5.45am - 8.45am

Cost: $395  

Contact: Vandana 021 229 8793

Pre-booking & payment essential. 


Ayurveda and Yoga both indicate that gut health is ultimate health. Join us for this unique detox process, cleansing your digestive tract from the mouth through to the tail end.  Exceptional for maintaining a balance of fauna and flora of the gut as well as assisting in resolving conditions such as Constipation, Irritable bowel, Colitis, Eczema, itchiness or other skin conditions. Anxiety, Depression, Rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory and endocrine conditions and more.  Price includes Detox consultation, meals and meal planning and the detox process itself.  

Weekend Workshop with Clive Sheridan

Friday 28 Oct - Sunday 31st Oct

Venue: Yoga Jai

Time: Fri 5:30 pm - Sun 4:00pm

Cost: Full Weekend $290 or $25 for Fri eve


Pre-booking essential


Clive’s first journey overland hitch-hiking from Europe to India in 1966 was the beginning of a lifetime’s quest for spiritual truth.

His exploration into all aspects of Hatha Yoga, with particular focus on the precious art of pranayama, opened his heart to the radiance of Mother Nature, and Her sacred presence as Devi, the Divine Mother.

The inspirational and enlightening teachings on self-inquiry into our true inherent nature, introduced to him by his wild and uncompromising mentor/guru whom he met in the late 1980’s in West Bengal, added spice to Clive’s subsequent teachings that he shares in many parts of the world. His uniquely “transformative cocktail” has matured through the seasons into an inspirational sharing of Hatha Yoga sadhana, together with a very direct yet loving approach to self-inquiry into the illusory make-up of the ego persona.

He further inspires us to awaken to the divine Devi in all our hearts, the potent feminine principal Shakti at play within the universe.

As Mother Nature, She is everywhere!

Clive adds:- “self-inquiry is the Shiva, and devotion the Shakti within us, with Hatha Yoga the ‘means’ to access our bliss”..

For the past 20 years, & together with his delightful partner Miranda, Clive lives in the hills of the Northern Rivers in NSW, Australia, where they have planted - & are still planting ! - a rain forest garden on their land.

In "normal times", Clive spends the year gardening, writing poetry, and sharing his teachings on workshops & intensive retreats in Europe, India, Japan & Australia.

The weekend workshop is suitable for all levels of Yoga friends, with a daily balance of asana & pranayama practices, together with a Satsang sharing of self-inquiry that lovingly challenges our assumed reality !

Miranda assists Clive in the asana sessions, with her strong yet sensitive adjustments.

Friday evening will be an introduction to what is shared on the w/e.

Exploring Vinyasa Weekend Workshop with Tiffany & Julie

Friday 5 November - Sunday 7 November

Venue: Yoga Jai

Time: Fri 5:30 pm - Sun 10:00 am

Cost: $140 Full Weekend or $40 per session


Pre-booking essential

Friday evening, 5th Nov, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm (taught by Julie)

This session will start with Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation and Vinyasa Flow which will be tailored to the level of students attending.

Sat 6th Nov 8:00am - 10:00am (taught by Tiffany)

Moon Sequence:
A slow flowing sequence allowing you to drop into breath & body. Moon is the first of Matthew Sweeney's Vinyasa Krama Sequences. Less dynamic & heating than Ashtanga with no pressure on the upper body, perfect for those with shoulder or wrist injuries. Deep poses focus mainly on releasing through the hips & lower back leaving you feeling grounded & calm.
Suitable for all levels.

1:00pm - 3:00pm (taught by Julie)

Taking flight - Exploring Arm Balancing:

During this workshop we will have plenty of time to explore the different steps to getting into these stronger, more challenging postures.

We will begin with preparatory poses to ensure a comfortable depth within each asana and there will be plenty of yoga props to support you at your own level. It is a fun workshop in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Sun 7th Nov 8:00am - 10:00am (taught by Tiffany)

Lion Sequence:

Dynamic & energetically uplifting- Flowing standing poses focus on leg strength, back bends on the belly work specifically around the sacrum & lower back, followed by poses to open the shoulders & upper back leading us towards more freedom during back bending. A more challenging but fun sequence. Some yoga experience required.

With all my classes there are variations given for the more challenging poses. Students are encouraged to work at their own level.

Payment Details:

(Online banking only please)

Full Workshop $140 or $40 per session
Full payment secures your place.

Please note: No refunds unless your spot is filled by a replacement.

(Full refunds will be given if the workshop is cancelled due to Covid.)


Payment made to:
Tiffany Fleetwood-Bird

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