Pre-Natal Yoga

Time: LUNCH TIME, THURSDAYS 12.10 - 1.00 
Date: October 18th - November 15th
Next Course: November 29 - December 20 (4 weeks $56)
Where: WELLNESS MOVEMENT STUDIOS 121 Trafalgar St, entrance on New St
Cost: $70 Booking & pre-payment essential
Casual attendance option by arrangement (e.g. your due date falls within a course, you start the course part way or work commitments prevent you attending the full course.)


Suitable for all women in their 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

No yoga experience necessary. Beneficial to those new to yoga & for women with an established yoga practice. 

The classes focus on preparing for the birth of your baby. Yoga poses (asana) help build strength & stamina required for labour & carrying your baby through pregnancy. Different asana develop flexibility allowing the body greater freedom of movement in pregnancy, labour & birth. We focus on the muscles of the pelvic floor learning to strengthen & tone as well as softening & releasing this area. During each class there is an emphasis on breath awareness, connecting to your baby & deep relaxation.

What to bring:

  • Yoga mat (there are some available if you don't own one)

  • Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing

  • Practice with bare feet


I started teaching pre-natal yoga in NZ when I moved to Dunedin pregnant with my second son. The class became a great space for meeting other expectant mothers & I made some wonderful friends who became invaluable support as we shared our pregnancy, birth experiences & parenting through those life changing times.

I aim to facilitate that feeling of community & support to women in Nelson during these on going lunch time courses.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

It may be possible to join a class part way through if there is space.

Numbers will be limited for more individual attention. 

If you need to arrive after the start time or leave before the end due to work this can be facilitated with notice.




"I began pre-natal yoga in my 4th pregnancy, after a natural delivery and 2 caesareans. I had separated stomach muscles and had to wear support stockings for varicose veins. Pre-natal yoga was great for maintaining my flexibility and general fitness. It also improved my posture and muscle tone and relieved a lot of general aches and pains. I loved the peace and quiet. Pre-natal yoga contributed to my physical preparation and mental confidence in my ability to cope with the challenges and discomforts of my labour. My fourth delivery was natural and a positive experience."



"I am so glad to have taken Tiffany's pre-natal classes and wish only that I could have started taking them earlier in my pregnancy. She incorporated movement, breath and awareness of our changing bodies and growing babies in a seamless and highly enjoyable class. Her calm persona is entirely relaxing as well as the laughter she brought out in us in class. In particular, I enjoyed how she reminded us that many of the breathing techniques and movements were ones that would also help us through different stages of labour that, in fact, were quite useful when the time came! She also always left time at the end of class to talk about any questions or issues we had about our pregnancy or our thoughts on birth and these conversations were always comfortable and insightful. I recommend her pre-natal classes whole-heartily."

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